Suzie Snyder

5 x Xterra National Champ
3rd place Xterra World Champs
3rd place ITU Cross Tri World Champs

Athlete Q&A

I was a collegiate track athlete and knew I would need a new sport when I finished college. Xterra triathlon looked challenging and fun so I gave it a shot my senior year and was hooked immediately.

Spending time outdoors in amazing places, and the opportunity to travel and see the world and do this fun sport with really cool people.

Don’t have one. Try to stay calm, cool and collected 😉

I only listen to music when I train indoors. Alternative, Rock, classic rock.

A great fitting tri suit. One that is comfortable and isn’t a distraction because it shifts or restricts you in uncomfortable places! Really looking forward to the new Open Back Tri Suit!

1- Bike because it can take you further, higher, faster. 2- Swim because it’s a unique challenge of blending fitness with technique in order to go fast. 3- Run because it’s the most challenging for me due to vocal cord dysfunction.

Xterra Oak Mountain, Pelham Alabama

2016 Xterra World Championships. It was my comeback year after fracturing my pelvis and I was so happy with the year I’d had so far that I went into the race with a really relaxed attitude, felt great throughout the race, steadily moved forward on the bike after a mediocre swim and ran really strong, which I had never really done in Maui. I was really pleased with the performance that I had that day and took 3rd, my best ever finish.

To someone starting Xterra: Take a mountain bike lesson so you don’t develop bad habits teaching yourself. Smooth is fast and you don’t learn how to ride smoothly when you’re just out there trying to figure it out!

To use the top tier swim gear to help me swim faster and promote the brand because I like supporting businesses that create great products.

Cooking, baking, hiking with the dogs.

Swimming, mountain biking and running for fun. Racing the local events (because that’s my social time in the community) and finding some epic races to do in new places.