Steve Croucher

– ‘16 XTERRA USA, PanAmerican 25-29 age group champion – Snowbasin, UT

– ‘17 ITU Off-road World Championships 25-29 AG champion – Penticton, BC

– ‘21 XTERRA PanAmerican Championship 7th elite male – Snowbasin, UT

– ‘22 US Masters Swimming top 10 national times – 1500 Free 3rd, 200 Free 8th, 200 Back 10th, 200 Medley relay 2nd

– ‘22 XTERRA Dominican Republic 3rd elite male 

Athlete Q&A

It’s fun to look back & see how endurance sport, something I actively avoided as a kid, became such a big part of my life. Heck, I took extended bathroom breaks to avoid distance sets during youth swim team practice & lagged at the back of morning team runs during varsity soccer preseason. It wasn’t until I moved to Vail, CO and got involved with the local trail running scene (on a bet, mind you) that I fostered a real, authentic love for driving my body forward hours at a clip. I find so much peace connecting with the earth – the dirt, the quiet stillness among the trees. A few months after learning how to navigate singletrack by foot, I dove in with my first full-alloy mountain bike. I was hooked. Another bet later and I was toeing the line at my first XTERRA offroad triathlon race 3 miles down the road at Beaver Creek resort (circa 2015).

My parents. And a select few athletes who do the work, maintain focus, and are humble in their journey.

A standard warmup I’ve stuck to over the years. What I enjoy most, though, pre-race is seeing familiar faces & soaking in the energy!

Synergy Quick John – efficient, fast off/on, supports rotation for those with a long stroke.

It’s hard to choose against your first love (for me, that was swimming). And there’s a very contagious element to group rides, developing smooth power, ramping up the watts on the bike. But I can’t get enough on how dynamic the run can be, particularly offroad. Run, bike, swim in that order.

Most fulfilling race – 2017 ITU Multisport World Champs. Most fun race – 2022 XTERRA Dominican Republic

Train & race for the fun of it. Improvement will come as a natural consequence of finding something you’re truly excited about.

Dreams are limitless. But strike a balance with everything you’re already tied to in life.

Spread the word. Synergy is an athlete-first company – your success is their mission.

Downhill skiing, pickleball, puzzles, baking

I’d spend more time visiting my nieces & nephews, coaching, and doing trailwork.