Loanne Duvoisin

2021 Elite World Champ Cross Triathlon
2 Xterra World Championships
2022 1st general short track Xterra
3rd European Championships 2022

Athlete Q&A

I have always been a very active girl, with my family we did a lot of sports: skiing, mountain biking, rollerblading, athletics, lifesaving, swimming,… So I always loved to move and to vary the sports. I discovered triathlon when I was 15 years old and I loved it immediately!

I love seeing the evolution, the process week by week. There are ups and downs and it may sound strange but I have both aspects. When you come back to the best level after a difficult period, it’s even more beautiful and it allows you to enjoy it better, to be proud of never having given up. Sport is a school of life with its pitfalls, its challenges, its victories, a lot of sharing moments and I love this whole process!

I wake up and do some mobilizations, possibly a short jog if the race is in the afternoon. Then I eat a traditional bircher müesli. Then I try to relax for a while and visualise the whole race with images and a positive attitude.

I’m a big fan of the sleeveless Synergy neoprene! I easily get shoulder pain with a normal neoprene, so this is the ideal compromise for me!

Of course I do triathlons because I love the combination of the three disciplines. But if I had to keep only one I would probably take running. I feel so free running and you can be anywhere on the planet you just need a pair of seats and off you go! Then cycling, it’s so satisfying to be able to go out and discover the world on two wheels!
Finally swimming is my biggest challenge and it’s true that it’s probably the sport that requires the most investment and is the least fun.

I love Czech xterra, the terrain is really fun and the atmosphere is always great!

I think it was in 2021 at the World Cross Triathlon Championships. The weather was really bad, the ground was very greasy and the water was really cold… With the cold, I do a very bad swim but then I loved the bike and I was just pulling the girls up, it was really great to feel how the legs responded! I loved my state of mind in this race and of course winning my first world title was something quite special and unique.

You will never be bored! The training sessions are very varied and every day is a new challenge. I think you have to be patient, persistent, resilient and above all passionate!

One piece of advice that would probably have helped me a lot would be that the goal is not to break your records in training but to be consistent throughout the weeks.

Of course, one of my goals is to make good use of the Synergy equipment to improve my swimming in competition. I would also like to be able to help develop the brand through my own “field experience.”

It is true that with triathlon there is not much time left for anything else… But I love creative activities, being outside, spending time with my friends, my family and of course my partner.

I would probably work at a higher percentage as a physio but in any case I would still do a sport at the same time! Maybe I’d take some time to coach younger kids, I love their drive and liveliness!