Sullivan Middaugh

2022 Xterra National Champion
3rd American USA Triathlon National Championships
2x National High School Trail Running Champion 2020,2021
Colorado High School Running Hall of Fame

Athlete Q&A

Growing up triathlon was a big part of life because my dad was a professional triathlete. Also joining USA Triathlon’s Project Podium has put all my focus on Triathlon.

I am inspired by the athletes that I race and train with.

I always eat 3 hours before then warm up starting with the run and finishing with a swim warm up. I also like to visualize the entire race the night before.

I like to listen to no music while I am training outside but pop music while inside.

If it is a wetsuit swim, a Synergy wetsuit has been my go to. Baby powder is also essential for quick transitions.

1.Bike, 2.Run, 3.Swim because swimming is my weakest right now and comes as a challenge. I love running and biking similarly but racing bikes can be pretty fun.

The Xterra Beaver Creek course.

My most memorable race so far was Xterra Beaver Creek because it was in my home town and it was the first time racing my dad in a triathlon.

I wish that I would have taken swim technique more seriously earlier.

I am excited to represent team Synergy and to be a part of an elite team.

I enjoy playing spike-ball or passing around a Frisbee.

I would probably be studying in person at a university and maybe running cross country.