Jaden Porte

2022 Canadian PTO open champion
2023 world 70.3 Qualifier
CIS/Canwest gold medalist (4x400m)
Canwest bronze medalist (4x800m)
Canadian Junior National 4th place (800m)

Athlete Q&A

Fell in love with the excitement of super league triathlon in 2019. started doing bike and swim workouts while I had a running injury and decided to combine the three once I was healthy enough to do so.

Watching inspiring performances by teammates and competitors
Following the progression of Canadian triathletes
I absolutely love competing, no matter the performance. Having big races in the schedule both inspired and excites me.

A single EDM song for 2 hours before the race so I can get the beat stuck in my head.

EDM, Lofi and a TON of podcasts.

Synergy elite tri-suit – perfect combination of comfort and style.

Run – nothing more satisfying then running long tempo’s or mile repeats at a quick pace and feeling great doing it
Bike – second rank in the summer. I love biking outside and its even more fun in a TT position going 40+kmph… least favourite during the winter.
Swim – Still an event that I love but as a developing swimming, this event brings with it major emotional swings.

3 hour 39 min 40s at the 2022 Canadian PTO open (100k race). Prior to this race I had struggled to swim under 24:30 for 1500m. I knew that this would likely take me out of the race if i were to come out of the water over 4 minutes behind the leaders to finish up the 2k swim. Went through 1500 in 24:00 and finished the 2k swim in a faster pace per 100m then my 1500m PB. Had a 3 minute deficit to the leaders out of the water. Road the 3rd fastest bike split on the day at 40.5kmph over hilly terrain to have a 1.5 minute deficit off the bike. Ran a hard 18k in 3:39 per k taking the second fastest run split and overall winner on the day.

Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t willing to work hard. Find yourself a good coach/partner/team and enjoy the excitement of this incredible community. There is an endless amount of ways to gain inspiration from watching the Ironman circuit to super league triathlon to WTS events, and many of them could be closer to home than you think!

Speed and form are critical components for a developing swimmer.

Top 10 in my age category at 70.3 world champs. Turn pro and travel the world racing/representing the Synergy team.

Skiing, Mountain hiking/scrambling, Rock climbing, Spending time with family.

Continue my career as a physiotherapist. I love my job and the people that I get to meet because of it… But it will never be able to replace the thrill of racing.