Josiah Middaugh

2015 XTERRA World Champion
15-time XTERRA National Champion
4-time Fat Bike World Champion

Athlete Q&A

There was a local sprint triathlon in my hometown that I did on a whim in high school. Then in college I saw the XTERRA World Championship on TV and thought someday I would love to give it a try. When I moved from Michigan to Colorado there was an XTERRA in Keystone, so I bought a mountain bike from the pawn shop and jumped in the race.

I am inspired daily by people around me, often from my competitors, athletes I coach, and people just quietly getting after it and leading by example.

I try not to be at all superstitious, but a rehearsed routine on race day can be helpful. I would call it more of a routine. Wake up at least 3 hours before race start, hot shower, eat oatmeal and small cup of coffee. Arrive to transition 90 minutes prior to start. Start bike warm up 60 min before (if possible). Wetsuit on and out of transition area 30 minutes prior to start and warm up in the water with some efforts. Calm and race ready 10 minutes before the start.

I never listen to music when I train outside. On the treadmill I just stare out the window and narrow my focus. The exception is on the indoor trainer, I occasionally listen to 90s Alternative.

My favorite Synergy gear is the Hybrid EFX3. It is simply the best wetsuit I have worn, and I feel it gives me an advantage in the water. The buoyancy is key and the flexibility around the shoulder is outstanding.

1. Bike: This is where I put most of my emphasis in training since a majority of race time in XTERRA is on the bike. I also think that enjoyment in a sport is relative to the speed you are traveling.
2. Run: My background is running and I always feel off when I am not able to run consistently.
3. Swim: Sadly I am an adult onset swimmer, so swimming has always been a challenge for me, but in a good way. I actually really enjoy swimming and feel good in the water. It is just the clock that I have a problem with.

My hometown course in Beaver Creek, Colorado is my favorite race. I love seeing my community come out and support the race and to showcase my favorite trails to all of the participants.

Best result? My best and most memorable result is definitely the 2015 XTERRA World Championship. I was the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, and it meant the world to have my family there to share it with.

Be patient. Endurance takes time to develop and there are no shortcuts.

I had some great mentors in endurance sports and received some good advice. I wish one of them would have had a crystal ball and told me how long my racing career would last. Then I would have been a little more patient with training my weaknesses early and less feeling like it was too lake and the need for immediate results.

I am excited to have more camaraderie at the races and also very excited to support the other team members towards their goals.

I have hobbies that I dream about like painting and playing the guitar, but for now family, work, and triathlon training is all consuming.

Probably teaching and/or coaching. I love studying exercise science which is why I have an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and a Masters Degree in Kinesiology.