Branden Rakita

XTERRA USA National Champion 2019
8th ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs 2011
9th ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs 2016
3rd XTERRA Pan Am Champs 2019
2nd XTERRA Pan Am Series 2017
2nd XTERRA Dominican Republic 2022
2nd XTERRA Mexico

Athlete Q&A

My family, I started at a young age in kids triathlons and we have always been very active.

The ability to get out the door every day and do what I love and to get to know and have so many friends through the sport.

I do oatmeal packets and a packet of peanut butter as they are easily transportable and all you need is hot water. I like to get to the venue 1.5hr before the race and listen to a fast pace music mix and get on the bike and spin and open up the legs then get in the water and get warmed up.

I don’t listen to music running or riding outside as you always need to be aware of what is going on around you, also the peace and quite you get up in the mountains can’t be beat!. On the trainer I will watch action movies, and on the treadmill and strength training I will listen to faster tempo music from alternative to hip-hop.

Looking forward to racing in the Synergy gear this year, the athlete focus and collaboration to build the best gear possible is ideal.

Mountain bike, swim and trail run are about equal after. Just so much fun on the mountain bike it is the reason we do the sport is to have fun.

Any course where they don’t shy away from technical riding.

It is hard to pick, there is such a camaraderie amongst the XTERRA athletes that we always have a great time at all the races.

Go out and be consistent in your training and have fun. If you get out and do something everyday you will get better and go faster. Have fun as well, if you are getting stuck in a rut then change things up and don’t think about the numbers and just go enjoy the fact that you get to be outside and are healthy and adding experiences to your life.

Consistency is key and to really focus on the little things in the early season.

I aim to represent the team as a fun group of athletes that are grounded and low key but very passionate about the multisport.

I love to be outside so anything there, growing the garden at home and running and playing with Roue.

Developing products for outdoor activities, but still swimming, biking and running for the enjoyment of being outside and active and seeing the world.